I have hundreds of ideas for websites, but only time to develop the few that I think can be successful. I suppose that makes me a web entrepreneur, and you'll find my projects further below. Elsewhere on this site you can see details about work I can do for you as well as bits of code that I've developed and shared.

WordItOut - Transform your text into word clouds!

WordItOut logo

WordItOut let's you create word clouds, summarising big texts and data!
It's free to use and includes many custom settings. You can also embed the word cloud on your own website.
Best of all, you can actually get a copy of your word cloud on a gift such as a T-shirt, mug and so on...

Wondersay - Animate text with style

Wondersay logo

Wondersay makes exciting animations from simple sentences!
Like WordItOut, it's free, has many settings and 'wondersayings' can be embedded too!!