I could tell you that I'm a web developer who makes great, custom websites for you as well as marketing them online. Or that I'm an systems engineer experienced in managing innovative projects, particularly in the space industry.

But ultimately my main skills are coming up with new ideas, and bringing the best of them to life.
Empowering creativity...

Web development

I can make websites and web applications. I specialise in complicated, customised websites, espcecially for intranets. These are interactive tools that solve a unique problem that is difficult to do with common tools. My public websites (and this one) can give you idea of some of my skills.

Unlike many developers, my feet stand firmly on the ground and I have working experience outside the web industry. This is my greatest strength: understanding the needs of real people using my sites (instead of playing with the latest geeky craze).


Drupal is a very powerful Content Management System and framework. It let's me create big sites for you with many features in little time. I can install and customise it to your needs. I can even develop or modify modules and design themes for you.

Drupal training in English

I provide personalised training for Drupal administrators, especially non-technical users. The training can follow a general program but I prefer to personalise the training to your job as I feel this is the best way to learn.

Front-end engineering

Web development is a broad term, and I specialise in the parts related to the end-user experience (more than say servers and networking). This means I deal a lot with web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and their technologies (HTTP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

I'm up to date with the latest standards (HTML5, CSS3), technologies (node.js) and techniques (AJAX). This allows me to create highly sophisticated web applications, even for mobile devices.


I'm an expert in jQuery and have even developed my own jQuery plugins. With jQuery, I am able to manipulate everything on a web page to heighten the interactive experience for the user.

Philosophy: backward compatibility, progresive enhancement, graceful degradation & responsive design

I make sure that websites work for every computer, device and browser. Whilst I aim to give users with more powerful features a better experience, I guarantee those with older technologies or limited capabilities (mobile) still get the basic and simple functionality they need to use my websites.

Web design

If you're not in the industry, the difference between web design and web development may not be obvious. Web development is a more general term. When compared, it focusses more on code, whearas web design is more about how a website appears to users.

I can provide delightful web designs for your sites, including Drupal and Wordpress themes.

User experience

You could further split web design into a purely aesthetic part and a more functional one. The latter is called User Experience, and goes beyond the layout of a single page to the overall flow of a website. It's deeply rooted in how the unconscious mind works, you shouldn't even be aware of if it when it works well!

I'm very good at User Experience, pulling on my natural people skills and combined with best-practices and statistics, I can optimise your website to ensure as many people as possible complete whatever task you desire.

Online marketing

Further than just creating websites, I've become highly adept at promoting them online. I can help you promote either your website or business through online media.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I can give you guidelines and implement tactics to get your website as high as possible when people search for certain keywords, without cheating.

Social media (inbound) marketing

More than ever before, people discover websites through 'social' sites they use, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as many more. I can help put these channels to maximum effect for your business, and even manage these networks for you if required.


I can help you come up with a name for your brand or product, and even create an identity with logos and theme colours. This isn't always so easy to do (especially finding an available .com) and it's important to get it right from the beginning.

Project management

I can deal with complicated projects and organise them correctly and efficiently. I'm also a confident leader with great people skills. My experiences so far include future programs for the space industry and large scale events.

Creativity and innovation consultation

I've studied in depth how to come up with better ideas in industry and can help you and your team(s) do the same. I can either directly chair creativity sessions or provide input on how to restructure to maximise your creative output.

I am based in Antwerp (Belgium) but remain highly available all over Europe and am happy to work for you remotely. My primary language is English, I'm fluent in French and Dutch.